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ABC of multimorbidity

By Stewart Mercer, Chris Salisbury and Martin Fortin

The ABC of multimorbidity is a book (64 pages) recently published by WILEY Blackwell seeking to explore some important issues on the subject. Contributors to the book were Marjan van den Akker, Elizabeth A. Bayliss, Peter Bower, Sonny Cejic, Peter Coventry, Martin Fortin, Katie I. Gallacher, Linda Gask, Jane Gunn, Karen Kinder, Frances Mair, Carl May, Stewart W. Mercer, Victor Montori, Christiane Muth, Ignacio Ricci-Cabello, Martin Roland, Chris Salisbury, Efrat Shadmi, Moira Stewart, Amanda L. Terry, José M. Valderas, Concepción Violán, and Jonathan P. Weiner.
Divided in 12 chapters, the book addresses the prevalence of multimorbidity, its impact on patients, the relationship between physical and mental health problems, and how managing multiple health problems concurrently can create a heavy burden of treatment for patients. At the heart of the book is the authors’ shared conviction that health care should be person -centered.
Due to space limitations each chapter is rather short. We hope that experts on the subject do not judge us too severely for the limited amount of information we could provide, and that busy physicians looking for an informative and practical source of knowledge will find this book useful.

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