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Conference Personalized Geriatric Medicine


The Swedish Society of Medicine is inviting to a 3-day international conference called “Personalized Geriatric Medicine”, in Stockholm/Sweden August 20-22, 2014. The conference is arranged in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Geriatric Medicine, European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS), Karolinska Institutet and The Swedish Research Council.
The program will focus on management of individual frail, multimorbid elderly people over time in relation to medical quality, patient safety, education/training and research/development. World leading researchers are invited as speakers and will present state-of-the-art lectures. We aim to highlight the potential of Geriatric Medicine to improve the quality of multi-domain analysis, management/care and follow-up over time in individual multimorbid, elderly people. The potential of the medical record to serve as a much longed for “geroscope” will be highlighted. Each symposium day includes group discussions, where the participants and speakers meet to discuss various themes more personal and in-depth.
The conference is hoped to attract scientists, clinicians from different medical specialities, health care staff groups, stakeholders and others with interest in various aspects of improving health care, assessment and managment/care of multimorbid, elderly people.
For more information about the conference and how to register, please visit the conference homepage: http://www.sls.se/Utbildning/Berzeliussymposier/geriatricmedicine/.

Welcome to Stockholm in August 2014!
Stockholm, Sweden March 10, 2014

On behalf of the Organizing committee

Gunnar Akner
Professor in Geriatric Medicine, Senior physician

Looking for a consensus for a definition of multimorbidity: the results

We have computed the results of the survey we conducted recently on the definition of multimorbidity.

We received 55 responses from 16 countries. The distribution of respondents by country (in alphabetic order) was: Australia 4, Brazil 1, Canada 10, China 1, Egypt 1, Germany 1, India 1, Indonesia 1, Ireland 6, Netherlands 4,  South Korea 1, Spain 6, Switzerland 1, Turkey 1, United Kingdom 10 (3 of them from Scotland), United States of America 6.

Answers to the question “which definition do you think should be used for multimorbidity?” were as follows:

Comments associated with the responses to the last item are shown below as replies to this posting. We welcome more comments on this subject that can also be written as replies to the posting.

We want to thank all participants who shared their view on this subject.

The International Research Community on Multimorbidity