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An International Perspective on Designing Interventions for Multimorbidity in Primary Care

By Martin Fortin, Elizabeth A. Bayliss, Susan M. Smith, Stewart W. Mercer, Mogens Vestergaard, Chris Salisbury

Under the sponsorship of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Multiple Chronic Conditions (AHRQ MCC) Research Network, a panel of six members of the International Research Community on Multimorbidity (CIRMo) presented a webinar on interventions for patients with multimorbidity: “An International Perspective on Designing Interventions for Multimorbidity in Primary Care”. The webinar included three parts:

Context and background for interventions: Dr. Chris Salisbury, University of Bristol, UK, discussed the eligibility criteria in intervention studies for multimorbidity (Who should we include in studies of interventions for multimorbidity?). Dr. Elizabeth A. Bayliss, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA, who acted as the moderator of the webinar, presented “Outcomes for Multimorbidity Interventions” followed by Dr. Susan M. Smith, HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, RCSI Medical School, Dublin, Ireland, who presented a brief summary of a systematic review: “Interventions for improving outcomes in patients with multimorbidity in primary care and community settings”.

Reports on specific research and operational interventions: Senior investigators described three intervention initiatives in three different contexts. Dr. Stewart W. Mercer from the Institute of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow, Scotland, presented “Preliminary findings of an exploratory cluster RCT of a primary care-based complex intervention for multimorbid patients living in deprived areas”. Dr. Martin Fortin, Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada, presented results of an ongoing pragmatic randomized controlled trial: “PR1MaC: Evaluating the integration of chronic disease prevention and management services into primary healthcare” and Dr. Mogens Vestergaard, Aarhus University, Denmark, described a very interesting Danish experience in managing patients with multimorbidity: “The multimorbidity clinic at silkeborg hospital”.

Questions & answers period: At the end of the presentation was a very interesting period of interactions between participants of the webinar and the panel of researchers.

The Webinar was coordinated by James R. Fraser and hosted by Jared Lyle from the AHRQ MCC Research Network.

You can access the webinar presentations and recording through the AHRQ MCC Research Network website:


Look for the last item under “Webinars & Workshops” entitled “An International Perspective on Designing Interventions for Multimorbidity in Primary Care.”

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