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PACE in MM Website Launched

By Martin Fortin and Moira Stewart

The research team PACE in MM “Patient-Centred Innovations for Persons with Multimorbidity” is happy to report its website (www. paceinmm.recherche.usherbrooke.ca) is now online in both French and English.  The site outlines the PACE in MM research goals, objectives and research plan.

Visitors to the site are able to view the governance, type and structure of Committees within the team as well as review the research team members.  A glossary of key terms related to the topic areas of PACE in MM is presented.
This resource will also allow visitors to keep updated on current news and events.  A special section for output and activities will be updated regularly outlining presentations, publications, and meetings.  A link to other helpful resources has also been developed.
If you have any suggestions or feedback for the website please send your comments to Research Coordinators, Tarek and Louisa.



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