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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Potential notice about Collaborative Doctoral Award in Multimorbidity

By Susan Smith
We think this is a world first – a nationally funded Structured Doctoral Training Programme in Multimorbidity, for a cohort of clinical and non-clinical researchers in primary care in Ireland. The programme is supported by a consortium of international, experienced inter-disciplinary multimorbidity researchers and PhD educators, including Prof Martin Fortin, Prof Cynthia Boyd, Prof Frances Mair, Prof Pete Bower, Prof Mogens Vestergaard and Prof Olov Rolandsson.
Patients with complex multimorbidity experience treatment burden and challenges around adhering to treatment advice, managing medicines, coordination of health and social care and patient related costs of care. The proposed PhD projects will address these interlinked but distinct areas within multimorbidity research. Cross project working will ensure exposure to a wide range of methodologies and disciplines. We will synthesise evidence from all projects at a programmatic level. The programme is supported by a specially convened Patient and Public Participation Panel and the consortium will provide an appropriate blend of research methodology skills, supervision and peer support and an opportunity for national and international PhD placements.
This doctoral programme will generate a national cohort of skilled post-doctoral students who can make a significant future international impact across a range of settings having developed expertise in the generation of research evidence to support cost-effective and patient-centred management of complex multimorbidity.