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Invitation to participate in a study related to the multimorbidity issue

By Walter Wodchis and Yelena Petrosyan

We would like to invite Canadian primary care physicians/geriatricians to participate in the Delphi study that aims to  define the most appropriate set of quality indicators for assessing quality of overall care of older diabetes patients with comorbid concordant and discordant chronic conditions. Various quality measures have been developed for assessing care for single diseases. However, adherence to disease-specific measures for patients with multiple chronic conditions may lead to the unintended consequence of delivering inappropriate care. Therefore, it is crucial to identify measures that would address the heterogeneity and scope of care for a particular individual with particular types of co-existing conditions to improve the quality of care of people with multimorbidity.

Your participation will be anonymous, and will consist of responding to 2-3 electronic questionnaires, and each round will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. After completion of all three rounds, expected by December 20th 2015, you will be given a cheque for $200 to compensate you for any disruption to your practice.
If you might be interested in participating in our study please contact Walter Wodchis at walter.wodchis@utoronto.ca or Yelena Petrosyan at yelena.petrosyan@mail.utoronto.ca for further information.

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