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A Welcome Post

IRCMo’s blog on multimorbidity

By Martin Fortin, Hassan Soubhi, Catherine Hudon, Elizabeth A. Bayliss, Marjan van den Akker

The International Research Community on Multimorbidity (IRCMo) is a virtual community bringing together researchers and health care professionals that are directing leading contributions to new understandings and approaches to multimorbidity in primary care. IRCMo is the collaborative undertaking of 5 researchers: Martin Fortin MD, MSc, CFPC, Hassan Soubhi MD, PhD, Catherine Hudon MD, MSc, CFPC, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, Marjan van den Akker, PhD, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, Elizabeth A Bayliss, Kaiser Permanente and University of Colorado, USA.

The thought in creating the community was to improve access to existing knowledge from experts and professionals focusing on multimorbidity, to facilitate knowledge exchange and to use the community as a springboard for the creation, transfer, and application of new knowledge.

Originally funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) through the International Opportunities Program – Development/Planning competition, IRCMo is now supported by the CIHR Applied Research Chair in Health Services and Policy Research on Chronic Diseases in Primary Care (Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation and Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Chicoutimi).

IRCMo is also the main communication channel for the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Multimorbidity/Comorbidity of the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG), co-chaired by Martin Fortin and Elizabeth A Bayliss. The SIG meets annually during the NAPCRG conference and welcomes all researchers interested in this thematic area to come and meet with them.

IRCMo’s original mission statement was to create, transfer, and apply new knowledge to improve care for patients with multiple chronic conditions in primary care through leading interdisciplinary research on multimorbidity with the following core objectives:

  1. To build effective research partnerships on multimorbidity at an international level.
  2. To develop and evaluate frameworks for new interdisciplinary understanding in the care for patients with multimorbidity in primary care.
  3. To effect change and reduce gaps in existing patterns of care for patients with multimorbidity in primary care.


IRCMo offers three means to contribute to the achievement of these objectives:

  1. This blog, to foster discussions and information exchange and to receive comments from all people or interest groups who have knowledge development and exchange at heart. Participation as author is upon invitation (link for instructions for authors). However, anyone can submit comments which will be reviewed before publication.
  2. A directory of international researchers with a marked interest for patients with multimorbidity in primary healthcare.
  3. A library of publications on multimorbidity. This library is a work in progress and all are invited to suggest relevant articles to be added.


We hope that this knowledge dissemination method will act as a lever to facilitate international collaborations in relation to research on multimorbidity. To learn more about the vision behind CIRMo’s creation, the reader is invited to read the BMJ Editorial on multimorbidity’s many challenges: Fortin M, Soubhi H, Hudon C, Bayliss EA, van den Akker M. Multimorbidity’s many challenges. BMJ 2007; 334: 1016-1017.