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Online discussions from the early International Research Community on Multimorbidity

By Martin Fortin

In the original website of the International Research Community on Multimorbidity, (IRCMo) most parts of the site were open access and visitors were able to navigate through different sections containing information about publications on multimorbidity, events, and links to other websites related to the subject.

However, the virtual community was a private network of researchers and clinicians who shared ideas and knowledge on multimorbidity. Access to the discussion section of the virtual community was restricted to members with a user name and a password.

Discussions within the virtual community were about two main subjects:
1)    Multimorbidity: the concept and its measure
2)    Toward a new care model for patients with multimorbidity.

Comments and ideas written by different IRCMo members in 2007 are still valid in the present time and are now openly accessible on the website of the CIHR Applied Research Chair – Health Services and Policy Research on Chronic Diseases in Primary Care (link) under the heading ‘Archives of discussions in IRCMo’.

Those interested in reading the content of early discussions of the IRCMo can access the above website directly by following this link.

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