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Brazilian Group of Studies about Multimorbidity

By Bruno P Nunes and Sandro R Rodrigues Batista
We are very satisfied to inform the International Research Community on Multimorbidity (an important encouraging community of our work) about the creation of the Brazilian Group of Studies about Multimorbidity (named in Portuguese: Grupo Brasileiro de Estudos sobre Multimorbidade – GBEM). The group is headed by Bruno P Nunes and Sandro R Rodrigues Batista, two researchers from Brazil. The group is already formalized in the Brazilian national research platform of the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development
Furthermore, we are described in ResearchGate too
Currently, we have more than 20 Brazilian researchers and some international collaborators, including researchers from Chile, Colombia, EUA, India, Peru, Portugal and Sri Lanka. One of our research goals as a group is to improve epidemiological information about multimorbidity in Low and Middle Income Countries, mainly in Brazil and South America. We are using a platform for planning our work and intend to publish the first scientific results of the partnership by the end of 2017. The articles already published by group members can be viewed in the ResearchGate website. Furthermore, we are looking for researchers interested in cross-country comparisons about a wide range of issues related to multimorbidity (prevalence, patterns, inequalities, use of health services and others) to be included in the GBEM. Contact e-mail for further information: nunesbp@gmail.com/ sandrorbatista@gmail.com/ gbemulti@gmail.com.

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