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The Journal of Comorbidity is now publishing study protocols

By Martin Fortin

A recent editorial of the Journal of Comorbidity, Susan Smith, Stewart Mercer, Jane Gunn, Marjan van den Akker, and Martin Fortin announced that the journal is now offering authors the opportunity to publish a summary of their study protocols. As the focus and scope of the journal (pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and management of comorbidity/multimorbidity) are in line with the interests of the readers of this blog, we considered that it was important to share this information with our readers.

The publication of study protocols in a peer-reviewed journal contributes to increase research quality and transparency, encourages communication and collaboration between research groups, helps avoid research duplication, and engenders the expectation of dissemination of final results.

We think that this new move of the Journal of Comorbidity may contribute to enhance research quality and reporting of studies in the field of multimorbidity.

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